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Our Values and Mission

Solutions Centred
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We believe strongly in putting ourselves in the shoes of others. This is our guiding value and principle and is the “soul” of ENVYSION which leads us to put our clients’ interest at heart at all times. Our mission is to provide an independent, one-stop holistic platform for the ultra and high net-worth individuals and family offices in Asia. Our vision is to create a new and innovative platform that will be an open ecosystem for the independent wealth industry. 



We take our professionalism seriously. We reinforce our values and ensure the continuous upgrading of our team.



Our frontline team has over 10 years of experience in Private Banking. Our senior staff has over 20 years each, with a combined 100 years of experience as a team.



To be the best independent asset manager, we invest in knowledge and technology to build an ecosystem suited to serve HNWI and family offices.

Remember the past


The term Private Banking is used less nowadays. Today the term Wealth Management is preferred. The Private Bank of the past was often tied to wealthy families over a few generations. These banks would perform various services, including financial services for these families. These services include red carpet treatment and services outside of investments.

The word “private” is becoming less relevant today due to taxation and AML regulations requirements. Due to the cost of compliance, banks typically focus on their core business of financial advice and related services.

ENVYSION provides holistic, end-to-end services. We remember the bespoke red-carpet service of the past but invest for the future. Being a boutique independent wealth manager, we are happy to see to your needs beyond financial advice.

Bespoke Wealth Manager

Personal service

Our Start

ENVYSION Wealth is a startup with years of experience. Since then, we have grown in size supporting new clients. 

Get to know each other

We offer a bespoke personalized service. Getting to know you is important.

Understanding your Goals

We work together to determine your goals and needs. We formulate a plan and deliver the solution to you.

Keeping You Up To Date

Keeping up to date is important to ensure your goals remain the same and that the plans still suit your needs.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Contact us for more information on our products and services.

Independent Asset Manager

Independent Wealth Manager

We are a full-service independent asset manager based in Singapore.

Investment Advisory

Grow your assets with our investment advisory services.

Family Office Set up

Leverage our infrastructure and partnerships for your family office.

Wealth Transfer

Structuring solutions for the transfer of your family wealth and values.

Business Solutions

We cater to your business needs through our partnerships and know-how.
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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

We are here for you

Our experienced team of wealth professionals is here to help you.

Important things you should know

Questions And Answers

An independent asset manager (IAM) represents you independent of your account at the bank, usually a Private Bank. This also means consolidation of assets across your various accounts into a single view through your IAM.

Our license requires us to service Accredited Investors, Institutional Investors as well as other permitted customers under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulations.

ENVYSION Wealth Management holds a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license.

No, we do not hold your deposits or assets. These are custodised by licensed deposit-taking banks and independent custodians. Envysion provides investment advice and product solutions including best executable pricing for OTC products.

The advantages of working with an Independent Asset Manager is the open architecture, the years of experience, and the independence from a bank.

All our advisors have at least 10 years of experience each. They must also pass the IBF Client Advisory Competency Standards (CACS) as a minimum while maintaining their RNF by the required continuing education standards.

Yes, you can outsource your Chief Investment Officer function to Envysion. This is especially applicable for family offices or investment funds being re-domiciled to Singapore. 

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