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Our team of professionals at ENVYSION Wealth is here to meet your needs.

Investment solutions catered to your needs and goals.

Admin and governance solutions for family offices.

Structuring and solutions for family offices.

Succession planning using trusts or other similar structures.

Services for smooth legacy and wealth transfer.

Services to enhance your lifestyle and wellness.


What our clients and partners say...

At ENVYSION Wealth, we do our best to ensure your needs and goals are met. 

We are a professional independent wealth manager that is on your side.

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We believe in building a long-lasting relationship with our clients and partners.

ENVYSION Wealth is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to service Accredited Investors, Institutional Investors as well as other permitted customers under MAS regulations. These include high net-worth individuals and family offices. We also partner with foreign-based asset managers who may need our services when setting up an investment fund in Singapore.

An independent asset manager offers services and wealth advisory that is independent of banks. We represent you to your Private Bank. Facing us, you have access directly to portfolio managers and the team.

ENVYSION works with various Private Banks and Investment Banks. This means we have access to all the products you will probably need and more. We also give you access to our in-house products. Lastly, we work with best-in-class service providers to bring you non-financial solutions that fit your needs.

Singapore is internationally recognized as a global financial center. The legal and regulatory framework make Singapore attractive as a wealth management center. Singapore is at the crossroads between the west and the east, with countless financial institutions and ancillary services.

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